Rahab's Story


Rahab... When Ian Timothy was born, he was the most beautiful baby. He quickly grew to be a very compassionate toddler with a dazzling smile. He loved his brother Solomon and we all loved him. I possibly loved him more than I was supposed to. He turned three in December 2003 and I began to notice that he was loosing weight. At the end of January he got sick and began to have seizures. Within five days he was dead. He died on February 2, 2004. I cannot describe to you the pain that I felt...This is my story! 

I was born about thirty miles North of Nairobi in Kenya. I am one of ten children born to a couple of peasant farmers. As I grew my mother used to take us to church, but my father never went to church until 1984 when he became a Christian. I made a decision for Christ when I was eighteen years old and it completely changed my life. I got hope and joy I knew that I could do all things through Christ who is able to strengthen me. The small village I grew in was one of those places that people think that nothing good can come from. My family was the least in that place and yet from the day I become a Christian I got a destiny which is assured in Christ. 

Within a week of becoming a Christian the Lord impressed on me that he had called me for a purpose and that he was going to use me for his glory. When I finished high school I went home and some Christian brothers came to tell me about a fellowship that they attended. I joined and was discipled there. I also began to share God’s word in schools and villages and it’s in one village that I met Silas. 
We got married in 1992. one of the things that I thank God for is that Silas felt called to his work and did not want just a wife, but someone who could compliment him in his work of the ministry. We planted a church 33 miles north of Nairobi in 1994 where we ministered for seven years. In 2000 the lord began to speak to us about full time ministry. I taught in an elementary school and Silas taught in high school. Through his word we were persuaded to go to seminary in 2001 which we did. We finished in 2003 and 2004 consecutively and I thought we were through with seminary until he called us to come to the USA. 

Parenting has been quite an experience with us. When I got married I looked forward to getting a baby and became expectant almost immediately. I was ecstatic and I could not wait to have the baby and to see it. But on the day of delivery I lost the baby. You cannot imagine the devastation. At the time my husband was working in a different location so he only came home on weekends. I went from the hospital to an empty house; I was sad and lonely, I had to rely on the Lord’s words 2 Samuel 12:19-22, which helped me to know that I had to move on. Also, this song made me know that I was not moving on alone, but that the lord was going to be with me in this difficult situation 

1. It's not an easy road we are trav'ling to Heaven, 
    For many are the thorns on the way; 
    It's not an easy road but the Savior is with us, 
    His presence gives us joy ev'ry day. 
    No, no, it's not an easy road, 
    No, no, it's not an easy road. 
    But Jesus walks with me and brightens my journey, 
    And lightens ev'ry heavy load. 
2. It's not an easy road, there are trials and troubles, 
    And many are the dangers we meet; 
    But Jesus guards and keeps so that nothing can harm us, 
    And smooth the rugged path for our feet. 
3. Tho' I am often footsore and weary from travel, 
    Tho' I am often bowed down with care; 
    A better day is coming when Home in the glory, 
    We'll rest in perfect peace over there. 

This song and many scriptures were my companion. Soon I was happy and ready to have another baby. Solomon was born to us in 1994. When I was expecting Solomon the Lord spoke to me saying that no weapon forged against me would prosper and Solomon was born on the 44th week which is rather long for a pregnancy. 

After two years we were expectant again and had a good pregnancy but again I lost the baby at birth. You cannot image the pain. I had a very long labor in which I almost died because I was left unattended as they frantically tried to save the baby. I had asked for a doctor but they did not call him and now they realized their mistake. I did not recover from this quickly. I went into some kind of depression and for a year I could not laugh or sing. I could not understand why I lost my baby. During this time, some people thought my husband was mistreating me. They did not understand my pain. My husband was hurting too. During this time the Lord brought us closer. I continued to struggle with the issue, and finally I come to realization that Job suffered more in that he lost all he had including his family. I released that sometimes we will suffer and we don’t understand the reasons. Our savior suffered himself and he had said that whoever wanted to follow him was to take his cross and follow him. I still do not understand why I lost my son, but I know that it was not in vain. Again I knew that I was not alone. I really had to look to God because he alone has the answers. It was hard to accept the loss because I felt that the hospital was negligent especially because it was a mission hospital. 

In Kenya at the beginning of the year we usually have overnight prayers and after a year I went to the overnight prayer and a sister got hold of me and prayed for me. I got out of the depression. I was healed. 

After three years I was ready to have another baby. When I became pregnant, brethren and family were excited but I had to be accountable even to acquaintances who knew what I had gone through. They wanted to know where I was going for prenatal care and whether I was seeing a good doctor, which I did. Ian Timothy was born on 23rd, Dec 2000, through caesarian section. He was the most beauty baby and he quickly grew to a very compassionate toddler with a dazzling smile. He loved his brother Solomon and we all loved him. I possibly loved him more than I was supposed to. He turned three in December of 2003 and I began to notice that he was loosing weight. At the end of January he got sick. He began to have seizures and within five days he was dead. He died on 2nd Feb, 2004. I cannot describe to you the pain that I felt. But somehow I remember praying that The Lord would help me not to sin in the way I reacted. I remember that I had not lost as many kids as Job and that I still had Solomon and his father. 

During that time we lived in a seminary and the brethren were very supportive. We also felt that the Lord was with us. Somehow we felt the presence of the Lord and the words that were spoken to us, “The Lord is present in times of need.” were very true to us. Earlier in January of that year the Lord had brought this scripture Psalm11:3 ff, to mind which says when the foundations are shaken what will the righteous do. The Lord is in his holy temple the Lord is in his heavenly throne. Those words had brought apprehension to me since I felt that something was going to happen and I did not know what. The Lord had not forsaken as He embraced us with his love. One of the songs that Ian loved is the song I have a maker He formed my heart. The truths in the song applied to us that “he knows my name, he knows my every thought, he sees every tear that falls and hears me when I call.” 

During that time the presence of the Lord was very evident. Those were times of sorrow, soul searching and questioning. In those times the Lord was a very present time of help and he did not leave us though we had times when we felt depressed the word of the Lord and the brethren were an encouragement to us. 

The Lord has helped us in marriage, through church planting, working as teachers, but also as parents who lost three children. I thank the Lord that he has kept us as a family through all those experiences. We would not have made it and cannot make it without His help. The words of Paul in 2 Corinthians 1:3-7 continue to help us. They state it this way in the NIV. 

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, 4who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. 5For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows. 6If we are distressed, it is for your comfort and salvation; if we are comforted, it is for your comfort, which produces in you patient endurance of the same sufferings we suffer. 7And our hope for you is firm, because we know that just as you share in our sufferings, so also you share in our comfort." 

We have confidence that the Lord will deliver us and help us in our troubles we have therefore continued in joy because the joy of the Lord is our strength. What have we learned from these experiences? That Christians will suffer just as their lord suffered. That the Lord uses experiences so that we experience is presence and His love. And, through them we are refined. That we are never alone! That He does not leave us or forsake us, He suffers with us. That God is sovereign. 

My name Is Rahab Kinyua. I live in Wilmore Kentucky with my husband Silas Waweru and son Solomon Macharia. We are from Kenya and are in Wilmore because my husband is doing his PhD in intercultural studies in Asbury Seminary. Meanwhile I attend Asbury College where I am working on a Degree in Management and Ethics. Before we come to the USA we pastored a church for seven years then attended a seminary where I got a diploma in Christian ministry. I am an elementary school teacher and taught for twelve years as well as pastoring. I love to travel, read and share about Jesus. I hope that my testimony will be helpful. 

By Rahab, Wilmore Kentucky

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