Marilyn's Story


As a seven-year-old girl, I knew I needed Jesus. Being raised in a Christian family and attending church at least three times a week, I had heard plenty of sermons, and knew I was a guilty sinner. I had stolen a small toy from a neighbor friend, and the faithfulness of a healthy God-given conscience spoke condemnation to my spirit. What a relief when our pastor’s daughter in that small, country church asked me if I would like to go to the altar. What a relief to unload the guilt of my seven-year old heart and ask Jesus into my life! 

When I was sixteen, at International Institute in Estes Park, Colorado, I asked the Lord to take total control of my life and to show me His will for my life. He has been my pilot, now, for over fifty years. I am not a perfect person, but I have a perfect God and a perfect heart! I can rejoice in my salvation and in the in-dwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.  Serving God is my joy and delight. Through music, teaching, and outreach I have many opportunities to serve the Lord. As I endeavor to bless others, I am blessed. 

One experience that I would like to share is something that happened at NEI Ladies Retreat, 2015, and the week following. As door prizes were being announced, I prayed, “Lord, I don’t need a door prize, but give it to someone who does.” What a surprise when the second number called was my number! I was a little confused as to why this would happen after I prayed that prayer. I had been ministering to a friend with cancer, but I didn’t think of her needing that gift. Later, at home, when I was looking at the beautiful basket of “Orange You Glad” items, and thinking who might need such a lovely assortment, the Lord spoke clearly to me, “This is for Lana”. 

That basket was truly a blessing to Lana. When she received it, she saved it to open after her surgery that was coming up. God is so good! I asked for someone to receive the basket who really needed it; Lana really needed it!  Thank you to the NEI District Council member who shopped and prepared such lovely door prizes! You will never know what an impact that basket had on my friend.

Here is the rest of my story...

After looking at the beautiful basket of “Orange You Glad items that I had received as a door prize at the ladies retreat, and thinking who might need such a lovely assortment, the Lord spoke clearly to me, “This is for Lana.”  I had already opened the packaging and decided that since this beautiful basket of assorted orange- colored items was going to Lana, I would include the Jesus Calling devotional book that I had promised her. It even had an orange cover, and would blend in perfectly with the other gifts! The only problem was I wasn’t sure when or how to get it to her, as she had many doctor’s appointments, and was back and forth from staying at her home or her parents’ home. 

That Sunday afternoon, after a little nap, I was thinking about the evening service that my husband and I would be attending. We always have an opportunity for testimonies on Sunday evening, and the Lord seemed to be telling me to share the “Basket Story” as my testimony and take the basket to show. The idea of taking the basket seemed a little far out; I didn’t want to appear to be saying, “See what I got!” But the Spirit of God was very evident in my spirit, and I felt a strong urgency to take the basket for my “Show and Tell” testimony. 

I did share my testimony when the opportunity was given, and to my surprise, as soon as I finished talking, Lana’s dad walked into the service. He seldom attends on Sunday evening.  At that point, I hadn’t even thought about giving the basket to him. After service, he came up to me and said, “Do you have a book for Lana?” My mouth dropped open in amazement at God’s great provision in working through all the details, and I responded, “Yes, it’s right here in this basket.” Her Dad remarked, “What a beautiful basket! She will love it.”  My only comment was, “It’s a miracle story.” Praise God for His miraculous ways! He’s constantly at work in the miracle business. He just wants us to listen and carry out His plans. 

By Marilyn Meyer

Northeastern Indiana District Church of the Nazarene

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Trina Sheets, District Women's Ministries Director