Margarita's Story


Before I met Christ, my life was a living hell. I used to go to church with my grandma before she passed away, but after she died I stopped going to church. I had a baby when I was young, and because I didn’t get any help, I just wanted to give up on everything. 

I was abused and beaten by my ex, and he left me when my baby was two weeks old. I felt like my life just came crushing down on me. I kept going only because of my baby. This all happened before I met Steve. 

I kept doing what I wanted to do, going from this person to another and I did not find happiness. My Mom wanted me to get my life together, but I didn’t want to stop. I was hanging out with the wrong girls. I gave up on my life, and I didn’t care about anybody else but myself. I was mean to my Mom and my Dad and everyone around me. 

When I was with Steve, Mr. B had given him a church card, and Steve shared with me how I should come to church. This is how my life was saved. If it wasn’t for Steve asking me to church, I would still be on the streets, doing what I had been doing. 

When I was at church, I realized that it was for me, and I gave my life to the Lord. Then, about three weeks later, I was ready to give my all to him and start believing in him. I wanted to start living the way that He wanted me to live. It felt good to have all this lifted off my shoulders. I told Mr. B that I needed his help and he asked me what I needed help with. I told him that I wanted to change for me and my son. 

God is now helping me with my life. My life is changed and God is helping me to go forward instead of backward. He is a great part of my life. He is letting me grow closer with the people I love and that love me. Also, God healed my Dad when he was sick. He is a great God. 

I want to say, “I love you God.” 


By Margarita Sierra

Northeastern Indiana District Church of the Nazarene

1950 S. 350 Main

Marion, IN  46953    (765) 664-8950

Trina Sheets, District Women's Ministries Director