Where are all our leaders?

Have you ever been so overwhelmed and gripped by fear you were tempted to run but weren't sure your body would follow?  Then, there's that nagging, nervous tension that robs you of sleep and puts knots in your neck.  You can't think ... and you're certain if you even so much as blink ... everything will come crumbling down around you.


FEAR! The fear of failure, the fear of rejection, the fear of embarrassment or the fear of abandonment often threaten our ministry efforts and stifle our vision.


Francis Chan wrote, “Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.”


As you launch into another year of ministry, take the name of Jesus with you so that you will succeed at things that really matter.  May God bless you with leaders and partners who are full of faith and passion for His Word and have a deep desire to see others come to know Jesus as Lord.


Take time to pray and seek His will for every gathering. 

Take courage - Deuteronomy 31:6

Take joy - Psalms 40:8

Take hope - John 16:33

Take heart - John 16:33

Take refuge - Psalm 5:11

Take delight  - Psalm 37:4

Take LOVE - Philippians 1:8-11


Then take time to call or write me. I would love to hear how you and your ladies are reaching into your community to meet the needs of others.  If you are just getting started or if you are feeling stuck I would be happy to meet with you and your council to pray, brainstorm and share ideas and resources. 


It could be that you or someone you know may be interested in helping others by sharing your ministry ideas.  It's also possible you would be available to serve as a guest speaker, musician or worship leader.

If you sense God leading, I would be so happy to help you connect with other ministry directors.  Just email me at cdroland@neinazarene.org or

call 765-662-9606.


Until then may you be encouraged and strengthened to do God's will.  And may you be filled with all the joys of JESUS as you give your best to Him.


He is Emmanuel - God with us!

Cheryl Roland

Northeastern Indiana District Church of the Nazarene

1950 S. 350 Main

Marion, IN  46953    (765) 664-8950

Trina Sheets, District Women's Ministries Director