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Thriving Values Resources: Helping You Understand the Times and Know How to Respond (Focus on the Family)

There’s a fascinating sentence in the Old Testament book of Chronicles, describing a group of “men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel ought to do” (I Chron. 12:32, NASB).

If ever we needed that kind of understanding and wisdom, it’s today. Just think about some of what’s happening in our schools, courts, media and families:

  • A third grade teacher reads a book to his classroom about two princes who fall in love.

  • Two military chaplains are told not to quote from the Bible or pray in Jesus’ name in a training class they are attending.

  • News and entertainment outlets celebrate gender-confused individuals who believe they are the opposite sex.


What do you do when these issues come up? And how do you respond when your children encounter situations like these? Do you understand the times and know what to do?

With the demands and fast pace of life, few people have time to research current social issues ― much less to know how to respond.

That's where Focus on the Family's Thriving Values™ team comes in.  Our staff of issue experts have dedicated decades to researching the “hot-button” social topics of the day. Here is a list of free, helpful downloadable resources they’ve prepared ― to help you understand and know what to do.

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