God’s Healing Touch

I remember my high school days of fun, friends and learning.  I became a Christian early in life and grew up in a Christian home.  I was sanctified at NEI Campgrounds, Shiloh Park, during Jr. High Camp.  I tried to be a good witness and live in a way that would honor God.  It was the 70’s and there was a lot of “stuff” out there to get in trouble with and I found a few of them! 


A couple of my good friends found themselves pregnant around the same time and both ended up taking a trip to Texas, to have abortions.  This was a wake up call to me.  I was NOT sexually active, but it sent a clear message to me, that if you have sex, you WILL get pregnant.  A message I never wanted to deliver to my Dad.  The thought of telling him that I was “pregnant” was something I never wanted to experience.  The disappointment in his face would have crushed me.  So I remained pure and did my best to stay out of trouble.  Fast forward to my wedding day in 1981…


Healing #1:  Made it!  Saved myself for my husband!  Yeah!  Now we can begin our future together and when the time was right, we would  have a family.  Not quite as simple as I thought it was going to be.  I will spare you the pain and frustration of my female troubles that I had throughout my teen years and now into my 20’s.  For four years I thought, why is it that I can’t get pregnant?  Then, for the first time, I was late for my horrible periods.  What?  Could it be?  YES!  I was pregnant!...they think.  They needed to do an ultrasound because they were not completely sure everything was ok.  So off to the ultrasound and it showed that there was a tumor attached in my uterus near the baby.  If the tumor continued to grow along with the baby, it would overtake the baby and probably make me miscarriage.  NO!  Lord help me and this precious baby!  As the baby began to grow the tumor began to shrink!  Thank you Jesus!


Healing #2:  Although I was in constant labor the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy, the labor was not strong enough to dilate me enough to give birth.  Each false run to the ER, when labor was less than 1 minute a part for hours, they would send me back home.  I was exhausted from no sleep , back labor and little relief.  Finally, two weeks overdue, the Doctor said he would induce me in the morning.  It was a very long night but the morning brought us to delivery.    Checked in and the inducing began.  WOW is that stuff powerful!  The contractions were off the charts. But after 12 hours of these contractions, trouble had been brewing.  The baby was in distress.  As my doctor sat down on the side of my hospital bed, he softly said, “ The cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck and each time you bare down to push, it is cutting off the baby’s heart-beat.  It is also take your heart rate way down.  We could lose you and the baby if this continues.  I have prepared a surgical room for you and would like to do a C-section.”  OF COURSE!  WHATEVER IT TAKES!  God’s hand was all over this one!  As they sped me down to prep for surgery.  The entire surgical staff had already been assembled and were on stand-by for the last 4 hours.  God gave my Doctor wisdom and discernment


on that! (Because just a couple of weeks earlier, some friends that were in our Lamaze class ran into this similar situation but it took them over an hour to assembly the surgical team together and they lost the baby.)  I had to be put to sleep because I had not taken any classes on C-sections.  So lights out and baby was born!  She was healthy and so beautiful!   After waking up, the nurse brought in my baby girl and following her was my doctor.  Again, he sat on my bed and in his calm voice he told me that while I was opened up for my C-section they discovered that my left ovary was caked with endometriosis and that the right ovary was following close behind.  He also told me that my chances of every getting pregnant again were about 1 in 80,000.  Each year that passed the chances would double so 1 in 160,000 to 1 in 320,000 and so on.  I held my daughter and praised the Lord for giving us such a blessing of our precious baby Courtney, in my arms.


Healing #3:  Our daughter, Courtney was a blessing and a joy in our lives and we enjoyed every moment with her.  But our marriage was struggling.  Lines of communication and resentment came creeping in and tearing us apart.  When things were at their worst (and the details too many to describe), I read a book called, “How to Be the Wife of a Happy Husband.”  The title actually made me mad because I thought the title should have been – How to Be the Husband of a Happy Wife!  Each page I was reading, God was moving, healing and restoring.  I was almost at the very end of the book when my husband walked into our bedroom that  I had escaped to.  He said, “What ya doing?”  I held up the book and he read the title… “Yeah right,” he said and closed the door and left.  I finished the book and could have easily been discouraged by his reaction, but remember, God was on the move.  I hopped in the shower and got ready for bed.  I looked down the stairs and it was pitch black and quiet.  I had no idea where my husband had gone.  So I crawled in bed and was ready to shut the light off… the door opened.  It was my husband.  My reaction to his appearance was, ARE YOU OK?  He looked as white as a sheet and a little disheveled.  He said, “No, no I’m not.”  He told me that he was downstairs all this time (in the dark?). He had left and went downstairs, the Lord just slew him to the ground and that he had been lying there on the ground and could not get up.  He felt God tell him that “your wife is upstairs trying to save your marriage, what are YOU doing?”  Until he was completely broken and spilled out, he was not released to stand back up.  That's when he came to our bedroom the second time and asked me to forgive him and well, the rest of the night was talking and loving each other.  No sleep, but full restoration of our love and commitment.  We will celebrate 35 years of marriage on November 7, 2016.


Healing #4: Nine months later… Victoria Renee (Tori) was born.  Her name means Victory-Born Again!  I had another C-section (awake & planned) and when my doctor asked me which ovary it was that had the endometriosis, I replied the left was completely caked and the right one was almost caked.  The doctor said, “Well, these are the two healthiest ovaries I have ever seen!”  God is on the move to restore, heal and give us hope and a future that He has planned for us.  (P.S. Two more pregnancies that followed gave us two boys...one angel in heaven named T. J. and one still here named Tyler!)    


Gratefully blessed,

Deb Wallin

Northeastern Indiana District Church of the Nazarene

1950 S. 350 Main

Marion, IN  46953    (765) 664-8950

Trina Sheets, District Women's Ministries Director