Cassie's Story


During retreat 2014 Cassie told satan to get lost!

For the past few weeks I have felt like satan was attacking my thoughts. As I would randomly think about things that were going on, and the most horrific ideas would pop into my head, ideas that were very uncharacteristic of me. Rather it be a rude thought about somebody I love, or a snarky thought about something that has happened, it was really bothering me, because I knew it was the UGLY one trying to tear me down. 


I have felt very blessed and strong of spirit lately, so I knew he was trying to rob me of joy, and make me think I am wrong about all the blessings in my life. 


After a couple of weeks, I was completely fed up with his antics and told him he was unwelcome in my mind and to get lost! Of course I was also praying for God's help in the matter, so I can't take the credit! 


I'm very happy to say I haven't had any disturbing thoughts since that day. Praise God!!!

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